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Oct 28, 2012 9:00am PDT
washington post poll out showing president obama at 51. governor romney at 47%. this is a race that has a similar situation in ohio. your economy is doing better than the national economy is, and this has been a tough row for him to hoe. what does mitt romney have to do if he can get into the state after the storm to turn this around? >> well, first i do want to thank governor romney who called me yesterday and agreed to cancel three events in virginia today to allow our first responders to focus on that. i appreciate it. the president is doing the same thing tomorrow. you mentioned the post poll. there are two other polls, both rasmussen and fox, that have romney up by two. it's margin of error. it's close, and it's going to come down to turn out the last undecided voters. i think why romney will win virginia is because he is the one that's going to reverse these sequestration cuts. they're going to devastate the military and cost us $200,000 jobs. the president has been a bystander and won't do that. he is the one with the plan to create jobs and we've got 23 million people that d
Nov 4, 2012 12:00pm EST
. >>> a new poll shows president obama leading mitt romney by five points in iowa. the des moines register survey finds the president ahead of romney 47% to 42%. iowa, which is considered a part of the president's so-called midwest firewall, has just six electoral votes, but losing the state would complicate romney's path to victory. >>> new jersey voters displaced by superstorm sandy will be able to cast their ballots by e-mail. the state is also allowing residents to vote at their county clerk's office. the deadline for ballots is 8:00 p.m. tuesday. and the new york board of elections decided to relocate or combine voting locations across five boroughs because of damage from sandy. >>> the federal government is delivering 12 million gallons of unleaded gas and 10 million gallons of diesel to the northeast for areas hit by sandy. there had been long lines in new york and new jersey with drivers waiting for gasoline. new jersey governor chris christie said 70% of gas stations in the region were not operating yesterday in large part because of power outages. >>> and those are the h
Oct 28, 2012 6:00am PDT
post poll for our viewers. the question was who do you trust to do a better job on the economy? posed to likely voters. president obama 44%. governor romney, 51%. why after all this time does governor romney beat president obama when it comes to the question of who could best handle the economy? >> well, first of all, candy, there's a plethora of polls out there. >> a lot of them sort of show this, david. >> i actually prefer the cnn polls. i like the one you put out on friday where we were ahead in ohio and in states like ohio and elsewhere people know the reality, which is the president took tough steps to save our economy from freefall to save the auto industry, which governor romney would not have done, and he has a vision of how to move this economy forward. that will rebuild the middle class. that will -- and governor romney who runs around this country now saying i represent change doesn't represent change. he what he represents is a return to a failed task. >> still more feel think the governor would do better with the economy than the president. >> in that particular poll --
Nov 4, 2012 6:00am PST
, virginia, ohio, and new hampshire. obama counters with wisconsin, ohio, and a closing rally in iowa. the biggest surprise in that final 48 hours is romney's last minute bid in pennsylvania. polls in the state favor president obama, but not by as much as they once did. the romney campaign calls it expanding the electoral map. the obama campaign calls it a fairy tale. well, in the parallel universe phase of the campaign. joining me is chicago mayor and former white house chief of staff rahm emanuel. let me start by showing a poll out of pennsylvania showing that the president's numbers have been slipping since september, and it's now looking like not a four-point race in pennsylvania, which is inside the margin of error. are you all worried about that? >> no. i think, look, the campaign is set, and i think people remember going into this election are jobs and you just had a report friday of 171,000 jobs were created, and, candy, i think when i saw that number the fact that january 2009 when the president first got elected we got the report within ten days about his election, which is
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)